Kirsty Sage
20th September 2021

WINTER/SUMMER TRANSISH… We’re coming out of the colder months THANK GOODNESS! Which is always followed by the dreaded: “I know I’m brunette…and I know I said I loved it…but now that it’s warmer….”

Well this is the class for you! Watch and learn from Kirsty as she demonstrates how to transition your clients from a Winter Brunette to Summer Bronde/Blonde!

In a live colour service + a predone model, Kirsty will show you using her ICONIC dimension, sparkle, contrast & #strategicplacement techniques how to add the kiss of the sun to your clients wanting to go lighter for summer. And of COURSE how to maximise your colour in a photo for social media!

Kirsty will also be ready for any and all Instagram, photo-taking & business questions – nothing is off limits and you know this girl is a (hilarious) OPEN BOOK!