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Never be caught off-guard again! Learn all the latest techniques and trends from the best in the industry.

The Secret Fox was formed as a result of the need to bring real education to the Hairdressing Industry, in an easy to access way. If you are a stylist or salon owner who wants to invest in education, but may not have the budget, the time or the logistics to travel, then this is for you! And if you just suffer from FOMO and don’t want to miss out on any of the cool new trending techniques, then this is also for you.

Mia De Vries share her passion for unpretentious, real education. She loves Social Media and know that’s where everyone is at. Her goal is to tap into those who know: the influencers, the style makers, the ultimate industry creators who are shaping current looks and trends and bring the lessons to our community so we can all be better hairdressers.

So many stylists are given pictures from their clients of styles they just have no idea how to create. We want to work with the picture makers and takers.


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