Nathan Yip
13th September 2021

BOBS, BANGS & IT GIRL HAIR… Join Nathan Yip in the Secret Fox Subscribers Area. Ever get that client who wants really long healthy hair, with lots of movement and face framing but no layers? ….yeah me too!

Nathan will take you through ways to really understand what your client wants, to help translate and speak consumer and not like hairdresser – starting with not using the word layer.

We will learn how to keep corners to leave healthy ends and create movement with out it looking like a “layer”. Add a simple fool proof face framing technique and you’ve got it!

Bobs and bangs are never going away so lets really break them down, take that fear away from cutting blunt lines, understand why body position is the single most important thing to cutting a line!

Nathan will take you through very simple structured bob, he will show you a layering technique and also how to reduce weight internally. Make your bobs a little more modern & finish with a few bangs that will suit facial features not “Shapes”.