Stuart Bane
11th April 2022

Hailing from the UK and with over 20 years in the Industry under his belt, Stuart Bane has had an extensive career.

As a platform artist for Global Colour manufacturers he has shared his knowledge all over the Globe, including Dubai, Moscow, New York, London and Beijing.

Moving to Sydney 9 years ago, his fresh and simplistic approach to painting hair, along with his calm and down to earth nature, meant he soon became the go-to colourist for the likes of Pia Miller and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.

Stuart describes his signature style as SELLABLE! He pushes the envelope with technique and isn’t afraid to embrace the whole spectrum of the colour palette but it will always be with a luxe, polished finish. With quick, commercial techniques he will show you how his years of expertise translate to salon friendly, but more importantly, sexy hair colouring!

2021 saw Stuart go freelance, with a bid to grow creatively and with a vision to keep his education authentic and accessible.

In this class Stuart will share:
How to make colourful hair premium
Taking catwalk trends and translating them to clients.
Focus on how to create the best formulation to make the perfect canvas using Pulp Riot Colour and having the confidence to go Freelance!
Join us LIVE on The Secret Fox Education, April 11 @ 10am