Laura Spinney
31st January 2022

Meet Laura Spinney Creative – Your Shag, Mullet and Wolf Cut Queen!

Want to watch how a technically trained hairdresser not only breaks the rules but stomps all over them?!? Join us live and online, Monday 31st of January while Laura showcases 2 live models from start to finish.

Who is she? Laura is a Sydney based Small Business Owner & Operator, Freelance Hairdresser Educator for LSC and De Lorenzo Australia, Editorial Stylist, Make Up frother, Boundary pusher, Potty mouthed Smart Arse.

In this class Laura will step us through her Signature Looks – SHAGS, MULLETS & WOLF CUTS and everything in between. All the looks we see her creating every day in the salon and on the ‘Gram. Laura will touch on how to consult for these cuts, how to apply different techniques for different hair types, working with natural curls, movement and nuances in the hair, what tools and products she LOVES and what she does to nail HER SHOT for social media.

When she isn’t in the salon tending to her client’s needs and wants, she’s out and about, carving her way into the session styling world or teaching other hairdressers the skills and art of cutting hair.

Laura has been featured in Marie Clare, ELLE, The Journal Magazine, Black Mag, Acclaim and Fashion Journal. Laura’s worked with The Pussycat Dolls, Detox, Kota Banks, Mia Rodriguez and many more.”