Tara Walker / Mousey Browne
22nd February 2021

Tara Walker founder of Mousey Browne is joining the Secret Fox Education on the 22nd of February LIVE in our Subscribers Group!


  • Wet vs dry haircutting for Curly hair.
  • What are the best tools to use when cutting Curly hair.
  • How Ethnicity can impact the curl texture.
  • Consultation questions you need to be asking your curly head clients.
  • Why you need a different strategy for curls.


From her rustic salon in the rag-trade precinct of Sydney’s Surry Hills, Tara Walker of Mousey Browne has pioneered the craft of Dry Haircutting, and in the process completely filled her appointment book.


Since opening the doors of Mousey Browne in 2015, Tara’s prediction of a consumer-led movement – away from spending hours in a salon, receiving multiple shampoos, being upsold treatments, scalp checks and manicures – has become a reality.


In contrast to the traditional wet haircut, dry haircutting works with the natural texture and fall of the hair. A client can see their hair taking shape as it’s being cut.


The end result is a well-crafted shape that is easy for them to recreate. But dry haircutting is more than just a bonus for the time-poor. It’s widely accepted as the method of choice to cut curly hair. You only have to glance at the @mouseybrowne Instagram feed to see why Tara’s appointment book and waiting list is full of guys and girls with curls.