Mr. D Melbourne
Monday 27th March 2023

The Secret Fox and Mr D join forces for this must watch cutting class!!!

Owner of Delilah Hair Studio (est 2007) MR.D is a dry-cutting and curl specialist – with 28 years experience, he continues to share his knowledge as a trusted industry educator and product developer of Delilah Curl Creams.

Along with being an ambassador of Hair-3Rs (a program designed for salon professionals to learn how to recognise, respond and refer to the signs of family violence in their clients) he donates $1 of each cream sold to the organisation.

In these dry-cutting tutorials I will be showing you how to create 2 of my signature shapes. A big circular curly doo with bangs and a big curly mullet!
The MR.D difference will be
• Proper foundation and technique
• Wearability and suitability
• Longevity of the haircut
• Creating angles
• How to properly cut curl
• Curl care
• Curly styling tips
• How to give frizz a home so EVERY HAIRCUT LOOKS GREAT NATURALLY!