Michael Kelly
29th March 2021, 9am

Michael Kelly joined The Secret Fox on Monday 29th March 2021 LIVE in our Facebook Subscribers Group.

Welcome to the world of transformative colour. In this intimate masterclass you will see Michael Kelly show you how he’s earned his reputation as the go to colourist for hair magic. From the creamiest scandinavian blondes all the way to perfecting impossible colour corrections, Michael will keep you entertained, all while revealing to you his technical secrets for opulent hair.


You will be guided through all elements of beautiful tones, we will start with perfecting the client consultation, managing expectations and diving into the techniques for that effortless tousled bend which is synonymous to his easily recognisable instagram images.


Originally from a small surf town on the East Coast of Australia, Michael Kelly has always held a deep passion for beauty. From an early age, Kelly knew he craved to be a part of a movement where he could use his creative passions to turn the industry on its head. Moving to Sydney saw him lay the first stones of the foundation, which would mount to be an unparalleled career.


No transformation is too big and no colour is unachievable, just browse his social media accounts and see for yourself. Kelly, who boasts tens of thousands of followers across various social platforms with clients and colleagues always itching to see what he does next. What you’ll find is nothing short of hair mastery and transformative gold, yes gold, golden tones being Kelly’s legacy. His expertise encompasses the ability to colour hair to look as if it were lightened by the sun or had never been touched at all. Natural blondes, sunkissed brunettes and vibrant coppers all a signature staple in Kelly’s portfolio.


With a career that spans a close to two decades, Kelly has attracted the attention of international industry heavyweights across America, Europe and Asia, all front row to see Kelly’s mastery live and up close in sold out workshops. Cool, in control and confident. Michael is the king of engaging a live audience, always adding a little extra to every class with his humble humor and expert knowledge.