Karl Dawson
Monday 17th June 2024, 10am

Renowned for his expertise in creating stunning and enduring hair transformations, Karl Dawson emerges as an unparalleled figure in the realm of hairstyling. With a comprehensive eight-years tenure as an accomplished hairstylist, Karl has left an indelible mark on the hairdressing industry across prominent cities such as Dublin, London, Paris & Dubai, now extending his influence across Australia.

Recognized as a color transformation specialist, Karl’s adept skills not only empower his clients but also accentuate their inherent beauty. His journey into the realm of color commenced in one of Ireland’s premier salons, where his distinctive eye for coloring garnered him the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Trophy in 2019. Karl remains dedicated to the principles of ‘future-proof’ and ‘lived-in’ hair color, ensuring each creation possesses both vibrancy and lasting appeal.

Karl’s proficiency spans a diverse range of techniques, including foiling, balayage, and creative toning, making him a sought-after educator in the field of color for aspiring stylists. Notably, Karl takes pride in being an amazing color educator who has traveled the world, sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

As an ambassador for Original Mineral, he spearheads the introduction of this burgeoning color brand in Australia, concurrently contemplating the development of his own product line.

Now firmly established in Australia, Karl stands as a favored choice among clients, particularly for those seeking a rejuvenating style or enduring perfection. Clients entrust Karl’s trend-setting acumen, relying on his insightful advice for transformative experiences. Beyond his prowess in coloring, Karl is passionately committed to imparting knowledge to emerging stylists, emphasizing the significance of continual skill refinement and the provision of bespoke services that elevate each client to a state of exceptional appearance and self-assurance.

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