Faye Murray
5th September 2022

Imagine how good it would be to spend the day picking the brains of Industry Icon, ‘Your Coach’ Faye Murray…

We all know that salon owners LOVE to know what other salon owners are doing so you know Mia will do her best work grilling – I mean, INTERVIEWING Faye Murray!

We are going to chat all things SALON BUSINESS – I’ll get the down low on Faye’s ‘Overview of the Industry Moving Forward Into 2023’. FYI Faye coaches over 90 hair and beauty clients in all states of Australia, all sizes – large and small so you know she has the inside scoop and is across ALL OF IT!!!

• We’ll find out what the difference is between salons doing well and the ones that are having a tough time.
• What are the Industry’s biggest challenges and how to tackle them.
• Managing Millennials
• Training tips to get your apprentices generating $$$ fast
• Attracting the right team and the mistakes we make when hiring
• Hitting the sweet spot – Happy Team, Happy Clients, Great Profit
• Retention Strategies for both your team and your clients
• What’s on your Client’s Wish List

PLUS MANY MORE HOT TOPICS RELEVANT FOR TODAY along with forever access to the website where you can view the videos, FAQ’s and class notes.