Hayley Mears
21st November 2021

Hayley is mapping out all the things you need to plan a successful 2022 From social media, email marketing, client retention, branding, pricing strategies.

Hayley will guide you through the 220 pages of the 2022 salon diary. You don’t need to have the diary to follow along and learn from the concepts and campaigns outlined. The diary does all the thinking for you, it guides you through what to do and when at every key point in the year. It will give you countdown hints when important events are weeks and months away so you’re never caught short on preparation time. Not only is the diary full of salon/business hacks it’s a great way to kick some serious goals and stay on top of your motivation.

If you have any questions in relation to social media, public relations and business marketing you want answered send us a DM here and we can cover this in the class going LIVE on November 8th at 11:30am. This class has been timed to give you the necessary time to create and activate Black Friday/ Cyber Monday concepts.

In addition to all this Hayley is also going to have a look at three key business strategies for 2022.
1. Retaining existing clients, what that looks like, why clients leave and how to retain your core business
2. What strategies you need to implement to attract new clients
3. How to be prepared for the 2022 “Great Resignation”