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Where are the videos live streamed?

A: On Facebook, in our closed group “The Secret Fox Subscribers Area”

How often will the education take place?

A: Once or twice a month… But if cool stuff comes our way of course we will share the love with you guys!

I can’t watch live, will the videos still be available after the event?

A: Yes, absolutely! The videos are downloaded and saved, then sent to you via our password protected website.

Can I watch previous videos?

A: Yes, most of them are in our subscribers group for you to view under videos. However, if you would like long term access to them – some are available
for purchase on www.thesecretfox.com/shop

Can I invite my team to watch?

A: Yes! We have a team membership which allows access for up to 5 people.

Do I get an invoice for payments made?

A: Our system is set to automatically email your invoice every time a payment is made. If you don’t see them in your inbox, check your junk folder – they might be hiding.

Do I have to stay subscribed or can I opt out?

A: You can come and go as you please. If you leave you are always
welcome to come back. We are cool like that!
To opt out, simply send an email to office@thesecretfox.com – please allow around 48 hours to stop your next payment coming out.

If I unsubscribe will I still have access to the seminars I purchased?

A: Yes, all seminars that were streamed during your subscription are yours to keep,
you will have at least one years access to them on our website.

If I opt out, will my current price be the same if I join again?

A: Maybe not. If you joined The Secret Fox at our Foundation Member rate of $89 per month, by opting out you will forfeit your discount. If you are currently paying $99 per month, and opt out, we can not guarantee that our pricing will be the same when you join again.

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